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Effective Self Defense

How the brain can act as the real limit to your self defense capabilities

We have condensed 30 years of experience in self defense and martial arts teaching and training into only the 7 most effective self defense techniques mostly for one reason: Your brain won't be able to cope with anything more complicated! This almost sounds like a joke, but the reality is far from funny.

During a violent encounter, your body and brain are too busy and completely unable to think in terms of abstract concepts like type of strike and target areas.

Research has shown that at any point in time, we manage to be aware of only a relatively low number of sensations. As you read this, perhaps you can become aware of the temperature of the room you're in. Focus on the feeling of your feet in your shoes, perhaps become conscious of the rhythm of your breathing. As you continue to read this sentence, perhaps also think of the last really relaxing vacation you've taken. Take notice of your own weight in the chair you're sitting on.

We're not even at 7 items yet to bring to your conscious awareness, and chances are you're already struggling trying to remain aware of all of them. THAT's why we limited it to an arbitrary seven techniques. Going by their names, they are really a mix of target areas and types of strikes. The important factor is, the 7 techniques are easy to master and easy to remember once you have familiarised yourself with the concepts.

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