7 Most effective Self Defense Techniques

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The 7 Most Effective Self Defense Tricks

The structure of self defense

There are several ways on how we could have structured the information contained in this book. One would be by target area. For example, typical target areas are the head, the torso and the groin. A more specific classification would then list individual targets on each area, for example, on the head, individual targets include eyes, ears, nose, mouth, jaw and throat.

However, while we were determined to present you with the absolute best and most useful self defense guide, we were also determined not to turn it into an academic dissertation. For this reason, we discarded an approach that listed techniques by target area.

How about using the type of strike?

Firstly there are hand strikes and kicks. Of course there is also the famous head butt. With hand strikes, there are closed hand (fist) techniques, open hand techniques such as the palm heel strike, there are finger strikes, knife-hand strikes ... clearly, using a system based on strikes would also have complicated the matter.

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