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Effective Self Defense

A necessary skill for life

Knowing effective self defense techniques is a must in our time. Animals are born with a fighting instinct. They learn how to hunt, but also how to use everything they have to fight and defend themselves against stronger and bigger attackers. As humans, our civilization made us "unlearn" these skills as we strive to live in peaceful circumstances. Unfortunately, our society also harbours criminals that knowingly exploit the fact that most of us are easy prey, ready to be bullied, beaten, robbed, raped and murdered.

Next time you leave your home, it could happen to you, your sister, your mother, your daughter, your girlfriend, your wife! Will you be able to defend yourself and your loved ones? Will you be able to help those that are suffering a violent attack?

How much is your life worth?

Or - how much would you spend to invest in life-long safety? What if there was a product that could dramatically improve your chances to withstand a violent confrontation and escape injury or even death? Thanks to Sensei Lyon, this product now exists, and it is available to you now!

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