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Effective Self Defense


Before we begin to discuss the individual techniques in detail, you should familiarise yourself with some central concepts of self defense.

Rule number 1: There are no rules.

When someone makes a physical attack against your person or your loved ones with the clear intent to create harm, then you have the right to defend yourself using any means available.

A bar brawler may not fully comprehend what this means, but clearly, after you have finished this book you will be a person capable of a response where a bar brawler attacking you may get more than he had bargained for.

Rule number one is: there are no rules. Everything goes. When attacked and not given another choice but to fight, you will commit to do whatever it takes to fend off the attack. But -- you need to prepare yourself to have this response. It requires both mental preparation and physical preparation.

John LaTourette, (aka Dr Death) is a famous martial artist with plenty of real world fighting experience, has the following to say about the legal implications of self defense. "It is better to be tried by twelve than to be carried by six", and we as the authors of this book couldn't agree more.

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