7 Most effective Self Defense Techniques

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The 7 Most Effective Self Defense Tricks

How the "7 most effective self defense techniques" are presented

The principle of gaining the ability and skill to apply physical methods is based on two simple concepts. Firstly, learning how to strike, and secondly how to strike different targets. Perhaps surprisingly for some, blocking or defensive manouvers have little relevance in a self defense situation!

This book will teach you how to strike, when to strike, and what to strike. We have taken this plethora of information about execution, application and target areas and distilled it into "The 7 Most Effective Self Defense Techniques".

  • For each technique, we will discuss in detail the physical requirements, the degree of difficulty, and considerations in relation to the attacker. We will explain how to learn and master the technique and make suggestions for possible follow-up techniques.

  • For each technique you'll find training methods and partner exercises, where applicable. Naturally, we will also discuss possible defenses against the techniques, should they be used against you.

  • We'll discuss situations when to use the technique and each technique's advantages or disadvantages, if any. Learn in detail about issues related to time, setting up your attacker, range of the attack and medical implications.

  • We will also provide answers to frequently asked questions related to each technique. To complete each technique, we'll list important points to remember.

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