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Effective Selfdefense

Would you be able to defend yourself?

Perhaps you have even been attacked once, maybe in a bar, maybe someplace else. Perhaps the feeling is familiar? You have your heart beat in your throat, your stomach's in a knot, you're sweating hot and cold, but you don't have a clue what to do, thousands of feverish thoughts rush through your brain but nothing really useful comes from it, and when you actually get attacked and hit, you somehow try to just block the attack without wanting to hurt the attacker back too badly. Perhaps you even try to swing at your attacker but saw your own attack parried and countered with excruciating ease, just to hammer home how helpless you were.

Sounds familiar? Or if you haven't experienced it, and you imagine it now, doesn't it feel exactly like a bad dream? Unfortunately, for many people the above experience is a sad reality, and those that have survived often carry not only physical scars on their body, but much worse deep scars on their inner selves, their ego, their self respect, and their whole self-understanding. Do not let his happen to you.

You have now made the first step to turn the tables and put the advantage squarely in your favour!

This guide will teach how to develop useful trained responses to physical threats so you can face any confrontation and employ simple, yet extremely effective techniques to successfully defend yourself in violent encounters.

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