7 Most effective Self Defense Techniques

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The 7 Most Effective Self Defense Tips

About Self Defense Techniques

In this book, you will learn the 7 most effective self defense techniques. Before we begin, we need to clarify what "techniques" are. In the context of the "7 Most Effective Self Defense Techniques", techniques are physical actions aimed at an opponent with the intent to inflict injury, cause pain, or both.

This is hands-on stuff, not some abstract concepts of mental preparation or the "art of not being where crime happens". This is the real deal, the fist-to-face physical encounter survival manual.

There is one important point that you must embrace before reading any further. Real life self defense is not about blocking an attackers blows, applying arm locks or judo grabs or holds.

Real self defense is about stopping an attack by disabling your attacker using simple and effective techniques.

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